Our CTZAR Studio provides tailored Influence

Our expert team combines great knowledge of the Influencer world with a sharp understanding of your key marketing issues.
We bring you an answer tailored to your stakes, designed to maximise the results of your influence campaign.

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Additional services
There is no limit to the interventions we can imagine to answer your needs. Only one common denominator: influence.
  • Brand Content Factory

    We imagine, create and produce quality digital brand content (films, photoshoots) staging Influencers and relayed by both those Influencers (earned media) and your platforms (owned media) or broadcasted (paid media).

  • Think Tanks and Insights

    We organise qualitative Influencer groups allowing you to better understand this target’s stakes and draw the most relevant lessons for your brand and product.

  • Artistic Collaboration

    We can put you in touch with the most relevant artists for your brand, allowing you to conceive a strategic and inspiring co-creation.

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