A network of prescribers

Our first historical network of Experts and Trendsetters, 100% private, was only open to the sharpest personalities from the cinema, fashion, music, art and media industries.
10 years later, influence has evolved but our requirements remain: offer an ultra qualitative and inspirational network.

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25% of our network members are publicised.
Celebrities, artists, journalists, youtubers, sportspeople...
75% of our members are “local heroes”:
emerging talents, models, trendsetters, e-Creators...

1.4 billion
cumulative audience

All our members have in common a strong digital presence. Very active on social networks, our communities are not only numerous but also very committed.


International since our creation in 2008, our members are present in more than 50 countries.
50% of our campaigns are worldwide, sometimes they even go up to to 8 different time slots!

Big Data
We analyze millions of our members data to supply all the relevant stats on their profile. Our objective, promote the most engaging members and avoid you collaborating with profiles that have bought artificial followers or likes.
Qualitative Labels

Beyond these metrics, we have created qualitative labels that are assigned by our jury depending on each profile.
AD for Social Talents that have a particularly strong artistic direction.
Public for publicised profiles.
Edgy for the sharpest profiles, part of the most demanding circles.